Nexium – the Purple Pill

Nexium – the Purple Pill

Nexium is known at times by its generic name of Esomeprazole Magnesium and its famous sister drug is Omeprazole. It helps with your acid reflux problem and is popularly known as the “Purple Pill.” This is a small guide to help you understand how the drug works, what it does and what you should be aware of when taking this drug.

You have heard about it on the TV and it is popularly called the Purple Pill but exactly what does it do for you? The drug works just like Omeprazole or Prilosec, except that it lowers the amount of stomach acid that is produced. The real generic name for Nexium is Esomeprazole magnesium and no it is not like your every day drug like Plavix.

General Information

Thus Nexium works to reduce your heartburn and also helps to deal with any other problems caused by acid reflux. It is also prescribed by doctors to help heal some of the damage caused to the esophagus because of acid reflux disease. When combined with antibiotic such as Amoxicillin, Nexium can be used to treat infections that may cause ulcers on the stomach walls or near the exits of the stomach. Nexium has also proved to be effective in treating Zollinger-Ellison syndrome – a rare disorder that causes tumors in the pancreas and duodenum and ulcers in the stomach and duodenum.

Side Effects & Dosage

Usually, Nexium is taken one to two hours before taking meals and when you do take the pills, you have to be careful NOT to break the capsules. It is important that you swallow the capsules whole but if you have swallowing difficulty, and then you can open the pill and pour out the pellets or granules into a spoon and mix with applesauce. Make supublishing 284051 – Nexium – the Purple Pillre the applesauce is not hot or warm. Then eat the applesauce mixture along with pill capsules WITHOUT chewing or biting. Do not save the applesauce-Nexium pellet mixture for any future use. It has to be eaten right away and the pellets or granules must not be broken or crushed. The pills are to be stored at room temperature and you should not take more than one dose at a time (even if you miss an earlier dose). Stick with the dosage prescribed by your doctor the maximum desired effect.

The unique thing about Nexium is that the side effects cannot be predicted. This drug and its effects depend directly on the person taking it so it is best to consult with your doctor to see if the drug is right for you. Only your doctor is capable of determining if Nexium is right for you so it is important to speak with your doctor right away if you start experiencing any adverse reactions or changes. It is also a good idea to speak with a local pharmacist regarding any worries or reactions since they have good knowledge of interactions and drug chemistry. If I were to list all the side effects of Nexium, the list would go on for pages and you would probably not take the drug. The drug can have effect on everything from your gastrointestinal to musculoskeletal to hepatic to your senses. So there is no point in scaring you without any reason. The drug reactions with various side effects including diarrhea, headache and abdominal pain – always depending on the person taking the drug.

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